Twitter iOS tests the inappropriate language alert feature

by nativetechdoctor
1 minutes read

The Twitter social network is testing new features to prevent users from using malicious language messages.

This feature notifies you when a user sends a message in response to content on Twitter but contains words that make other people upset.

New features work when users click Send to send messages in response to messages and use content that can cause inconvenience in messages. Twitter application is displayed. Warning Notification. The user can then change the tweet, delete it, or continue posting. This feature is currently being tested for iOS application versions.

Twitter explains the use of messages in times of anger or out of control of emotions should not be done at all. This new feature was launched to give users the opportunity to consider the content before submitting it online.

Earlier, Twitter also rejected the addition of a button to edit the content of the article on its platform, instead CEO Jack Dorsey proposed features that can help easily add clarity to tweets.

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