Twitter rolls out its Hide Reply feature for users across the world

by nativetechdoctor

The Twitter social networking site has started a new hide response feature. This feature can hide repetitive or offensive repetitions. The company has introduced this feature to make users feel safe and comfortable. If the user sends an incorrect answer in such a situation, he can hide it.

What the company says:

According to Twitter, the highlighted answer can be displayed by clicking on the gray icon, but this answer is not active. This gives users more control over each of their posts. Those who are corrected will be able to see complete convergence even after they are hydrated.

Last year, the company introduced the Hide Reply feature in several countries. During testing, the company stated that the tweet was a useful management tool. Even Hides tweets are considered irrelevant, not thematic or disturbing at the moment. This feature was introduced by companies all over the world. This can be used on Twitter and its mobile applications.

TweetDeck Scudule feature introduced:

Previously, Twitter has introduced a new feature. This feature allows users to schedule their tweets. This is used in the Twitter web application. This web application is called TweetDeck. Information about this feature can be found in his official account. With this feature, you can schedule tweets. TweetDeck said via Tweet that users can schedule tweets on Twitter. The company has introduced this feature as a time-saving feature.

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