Ubisoft explains how Stadia users can get PC version games for free

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When Google’s cloud game service was about to shut down, Ubisoft decided to offer the PC version to Stadia users for free.

According to Engadget, after Google announced the closure of Stadia earlier this year, Ubisoft said it would help users move their game purchases to PC. And now the game publisher is making the transition by offering free PC versions of all Ubisoft games that players have purchased on Stadia.

Accordingly, those who have purchased Ubisoft games on Stadia will see the PC versions of those games appear in their Ubisoft Connect accounts at no additional cost. If Stadia and Ubisoft accounts have not been linked, users should do this before January 18 to receive free PC games.

Additionally, if a player has already played Ubisoft games with cross-platform play, they can still continue the game process on PC.

Ubisoft also notes that any unused in-game currency units will not be transferred to the new platform. However, if a player uses them in Stadia before January 18, purchased items will still be carried over to PC (but only for games that support cross-platform play).

Meanwhile, Stadia gamers who have subscribed to Ubisoft+ Multi-Access (a service plan that allows play on multiple devices) will receive an email with instructions on how to sign up through the Ubisoft+ website.

As a bonus, subscribers will also get 1 month of Ubisoft+ for free. The publisher notes that users in the US can continue to stream Ubisoft+ games via Amazon Luna and that users in other countries will receive a 6-month discount on Ubisoft+ Multi-Access. Additionally, if you’ve purchased or subscribed to any Ubisoft content on Stadia, you’ll get 1 month of GeForce Now for free.

The aforementioned perks are outside of Google’s cashback on all game purchases, so Ubisoft PC games are a free incentive.

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