Ukraine arrests hacker group selling data of 30 million people

by nativetechdoctor

Law enforcement agencies recently said they had neutralized a group of hackers operating from the city of Lviv (southern Ukraine).

According to Hacker News, the group sold 30 million accounts of citizens of Ukraine and the European Union on the Dark Web. It raised $372,000 through electronic payment systems such as YooMoney, Qiwi, and WebMoney.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) said that this hacker group’s customers are supporters of the Kremlin. Identity data of Ukrainian and foreign nationals have been used to spread the news.

The goal behind the campaign was to destabilize large-scale in many countries, and the SSU said the hacked accounts were used to spread misinformation about the socio-political situation in Ukraine and the EU.

Multiple searches at the suspects’ homes revealed magnetic disks containing personal data, computer equipment, mobile phones, SIM cards, and flash drives with ample evidence of suspicious activities. Doubt.

The latest discovery comes a few weeks after the agency decided to shut down two bot farms, including nearly 7,000 accounts staged to spread information to destabilize Ukraine’s social and political situation.

Law enforcement agency Ukrainian emphasized that the main activity of this hacker organization is creating and promoting accounts on social networks. The group used bots to spread panic in the region, for example, by disseminating misinformation and fake news.

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