Valve is about to release a new Counter-Strike game

by nativetechdoctor

The fanbase of the classic Counter-Strike shooting game may be about to receive a new version later this month.

According to Engadget , more than a decade after the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ( CS:GO ), Valve is said to be preparing to announce a new version of its landmark tactical shooter. Furthermore, a beta release of the new game could arrive as early as the end of this month.

According to e-sports reporter Richard Lewis, Valve has been working on a CS:GO sequel for a while now, and that game appears to be ready for release.

Lewis said that the studio recently held a secret test session of the shooter in Seattle (USA), which involved a group of professional gamers. The reporter also said that Valve is expected to start beta testing of the game with the Counter-Strike community on April 1 at the latest.

The new version of Counter-Strike will have some improvements such as more realistic graphics, support for 128-tick servers that help reduce game lag, and similarity to Valorant . In addition, Valve is said to have improved the matchmaking experience more, which will help the community less dependent on third-party services like FACEIT.

Earlier this month, some CS:GO fans also found evidence that the new game is coming with NVIDIA’s GPU driver integrated references to two files ‘csgo2.exe’ and ‘cs2.exe’ from earlier in Feb.

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