Warzone implements measures to reduce cheaters’ damage

by nativetechdoctor
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Warzone players believe the new anti-cheat measure helps reduce the vulnerability of hackers.

According to Dexerto, a new secret anti-cheat measure has just been implemented in Warzone, which can significantly reduce the damage of cheat players with the ability to shoot ‘bamboo hits’.

Warzone’s RICOCHET anti-cheat system just received a major upgrade. Although hackers are still rampant in Call of Duty , despite Activision’s efforts, the change in the upgrade seems to be softening the confusing situation of cheating.

A new measure of the anti-cheat system was discovered by a group of cheaters in Warzone, according to which the RICOCHET system will reduce damage to specific accounts. This means that anyone using cheats like ‘recoilless shot hack’ or ‘see through walls’ can be affected, causing their attack power to drop significantly and making it very difficult to take down their opponents.

Instead of completely blocking cheaters in Warzone, this new method could directly give honest players an edge over hackers, as their weapons become fairly harmless. In addition, the hacker’s account is also damaged for a very long time, whether they continue to use the cheat software or not.

Naturally, the Warzone cheaters are working hard on upgrading the new cheat system. Additional settings are currently being developed for specific accounts, for testing purposes and to avoid detection by RICOCHET.

This seems like a positive step towards solving Warzone’s cheat crisis, but it also surprised many with the new measure’s ability to monitor and reduce damage to each bullet.

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