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We’ve heard a lot over the last few days about Metaverse. It became popular and debated worldwide after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the company name change from Facebook to Meta to take the business to the next phase beyond social media. There are now a lot of companies out there, and VR, AR Augmented Reality, and MR Mixed Reality services have been in use for quite some time. Moreover, during the Covid that caused the situation,

Lockdown had no place to leave the house. Stay at home. More motivated to know and find more technology in cyberspace
This article will tell you what the Metaverse is and what it can do. how to access Metaverse and how it relates to cryptocurrencies

What is Metaverse? 

Metaverse usually refers to the virtual world of people on the Internet. It is a realistically designed digital space. As if we were in another world, Live life like in the real world, with Virtual Reality (VR) or Virtual Reality (AR) technology.

What technologies will the Metaverse have to do with? 

As you know, the Metaverse is not just a virtual world (virtual Reality) open to people to communicate. But it’s also an experience that connects real people with the digital world. By using different technologies to perform each activity simultaneously, the glossary below offers the building blocks to make the metauniverse more realistic

  1. Assisted Reality, an assistive technology that allows people to view and interact with the screen hands-free. Smart glasses connected to the network Allow users to communicate and command through voice to immediately visible information. 
  2. Augmented Reality (AR), a virtual world technology that can appear in the real world. Most retail businesses use AR technology to allow customers to test and simulate their products online in the real world. For example, the global furniture brand IKEA. Has produced applications To try to bring furniture photos made from AR technology to try and place in their room. 
  3. Meatspace is a term used to refer to the physical world. or the world we live in mostly 
  4. Multiverse or parallel universe Used to call platforms or communities in the digital world that work independently, for example, Facebook, Minecraft, Instagram, Roblox, Fortnite, Discord. In theory, the Metaverse could pull these multiverses into one place. 
  5. NFT, or Non-Fungible Tokens, the proof is that anyone can own, buy or sell and create value for any product that only exists in the digital world. It uses blockchain technology to regulate ownership and prevent theft. Examples of NFTs include artwork, sports cards, collectibles. NFTs can be traded with cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency 
  6. Virtual Reality or virtual experience uses equipment or technology to connect users to the digital world. For example, the people of Ready Player One novel use Virtual Reality glasses to travel into the world of games. 

Metaverse in Cryptocurrency 

Let’s go back in time a few years ago. We wouldn’t have seen the Metaverse ever happen. Because our lives still depend on traveling and communicating with real people. But with the epidemic of Covid-19 that has accelerated the development of a sudden change in life to be in the digital world, Social distancing has forced millions to work from home. And doing activities over a distance has led to the emergence of digital platforms such as Zoom, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. 

From novelty to familiarity At this moment, it is undeniable that many people have become accustomed to simulating themselves as a character (Avatar) to interact with people in the digital world without borders. We used digital platforms and online games to become our core behavior until the concept of Metaverse began to take shape and gain attention. 

Moreover, The arrival of digital currency Cryptocurrency and digital assets has created a perception for people that we can buy and sell goods and services with fictitious money in the digital world. You can also own, buy, sell, trade digital images virtually intangible, whether it’s a work of art, a performance, or an online concert clip. When people begin to accept Cryptocurrency widely, Make digital activities more accessible and real. 

Why did Facebook change the company name to Meta? 

Meta Company’s vision is to help Metaverse come true, so we renamed Facebook to Meta to reflect its commitment to the future. Meta Company sees Metaverse as the new society. Cooperate and play together In more ways than we could imagine, the original Facebook was renamed Meta, changing the company’s role from social media. to become a Metaverse company in the next five years

How can we enter the Metaverse world?

Meta reveals the world of Metaverse can be accessed via 3 devices.

  1. Using the Oculus glasses to gain access to the world of VR (Virtual Reality) gives you a full 3D vision in a 360-degree view, where you can experience the virtual world as much as possible. But the price is about ten thousand or more, with a suitable Oculus device about 20,000 baht. 
  2. Use Ray-Ban glasses or other glasses or devices that use AR (Augmented Reality) technology that allows users to listen to music. Answer the phone or take photos and short video clips and share them on social apps. In addition, you can display navigation, maps, weather, news and check social media through AR on the glasses. The current price is from thousands to tens of thousands of baht. and are sold only abroad, especially in the United States 
  3. Use standard devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets through apps supporting work to connect to the virtual world. However, the device allows us to experience the virtual world less. But you can experience the virtual world as well. Easy to access through standard devices that we have here. 

It can be seen that, no matter how much technology is produced to meet the Metaverse concept, internet connectivity is still the key to creating a visualization of the Metaverse. If in the future, most people on this planet are able to connect to the Internet at speeds above 6G, we may see the entire world of the Metaverse with our own eyes. 

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