What will be the position of Apple Silicon chips in the future gaming industry?

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Apple’s Silicon chips have world-class performance and efficiency, but is that enough to compete with gaming PCs?

Apple has made waves in the tech industry with its own Apple Silicon chip. Designed specifically for Apple devices, they have been praised for their outstanding performance and energy efficiency.

Although Apple’s Silicon is mainly used for everyday computing tasks, more and more people are interested in its gaming potential, as the graphics performance of the chip is also impressive. . But are Apple’s silicon chips the future of video games? Let’s find out together

Current gaming status on Mac

In the past, Apple didn’t care much about the gaming aspect of macOS, and game developers have always prioritized Windows as the foundation for their games, which has left Mac users with very few options in the game. playing games.

While Macs have made significant hardware and software improvements in recent years, gaming on macOS is still a far cry from the experience on a dedicated gaming PC. Specifically, the game options on Mac are inconsistent and split into: original Mac games, game streaming services, and virtual machines

Before Apple Silicon was born, Mac users could install and run Windows using Boot Camp. This gives them access to the same game library as Windows users. Other tools like Parallels, CrossOver, and Rosetta also give Mac users access to game libraries.

But after Silicon was introduced, starting with the M1 chip, Boot Camp was no longer available and drastically reduced the way Mac users could access Windows games. Although, Parallels and CrossOver continue to support Apple silicon, but that is still not enough for the gaming experience

The potential of Apple Silicon in the game experience

CPU and GPU performance is important for any gaming laptop. Apple’s Silicon chip has the potential to improve the gaming of Macs with the release of the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. Macs using these chips can be configured with up to 19 cores, providing 30% more graphics performance than their predecessors.

Apple Silicon combines the GPU, CPU, and other components on one chip, helping to reduce power consumption and increase processor efficiency, an important feature for gaming laptops. Another important feature that has had a big impact on gaming on macOS since the advent of the Silicon chip is support for iOS and iPadOS apps, thereby expanding the game library for Mac.

Finally, Apple’s Metal API allows developers to optimize games for the Mac. This can lead to more efficient use of the chip. Overall, Apple Silicon can deliver a high-quality gaming experience to Mac users.

The limitations of Apple Silicon chips

Not enough games optimized for Mac architecture

The Metal Graphics API is a good tool for developers who want to create macOS apps. But they know that the games and apps developed by this API won’t have a wide enough reach for the Mac gaming community, which is already considerably narrower than others.

The solution is that Apple can invest in developers to create Mac versions of Windows games.

Lack of dedicated GPU

Some older Macs use Intel chips with dedicated GPUs for more processing power for graphics-intensive tasks. However, that has changed since the transition to Apple Silicon.

Because the CPU and GPU of Apple’s Silicon Macs are tightly integrated, it is not possible to get more GPU performance by adding a graphics card. While Apple’s new chip is quite powerful, it can’t smoothly handle graphics-intensive games like high-end Windows PCs or laptops

Compatibility with third-party games

Finally, there’s the challenge of third-party software support. Some popular game software, such as Steam, may need to be optimized for Silicon chips.


Apple’s Silicon chip offers a promising future for Mac gaming, but it still has a long way to go before it can compete with Windows PCs in terms of gaming. App developers need to support Apple’s Metal API more and resolve all the compatibility issues currently affecting the platform.

When the limitations are overcome, Apple will probably speak loudly in the gaming industry with the formidable power of its hardware.

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