What will change in August for WhatsApp users

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Voices in Stories, quick reactions, connection on two different smartphones, avatars… Here are all the new features that you will soon be able to discover on the WhatsApp messaging application.

Quick reactions

“WhatsApp plans to introduce 8 emojis to use when reacting to status updates” on the Android app, WABetaInfo reports . Namely, the smiling emoji with heart-shaped eyes, the one with tears of joy, the one with the open mouth, the crying one, the one with crossed hands and the clapping ones, the emoji with the confetti, and finally, the “hundred points”. These emojis will be visible as a status reply in chat. The feature is under development.

Voice messages in Stories

Also according to WABetaInfo , it will soon be possible to directly record voice messages to enrich your stories on WhatsApp. In the same way as the images and videos shared in the statuses, the voice note can only be heard by the people that the user has chosen in the privacy settings of his status. Another point, the voice note will be encrypted from end to end.

Connect on two different smartphones

In a future update, the messaging app’s “Multi-device 2.0” feature aims to allow users to link an additional secondary mobile device to their WhatsApp account. It will therefore be possible to chat on two devices at the same time. And this, with the same account and without the need for an active Internet connection on the main device to send messages. WABetaInfo adds that WhatsApp would work on syncing chat history between mobile devices. This feature is under development.

“Better” hide your “online” status

Soon, the small indicator informing that the user is online may be disabled for some of his contacts. It will therefore be possible to connect to the application, without other people knowing it. Concretely, the user will be able to choose between two options. Either show its “online” status to everyone, or use the same settings as for “Seen at”. ” For example, if you choose ‘My Contacts’ for ‘Last Seen’ and ‘Same as Last Seen’ for ‘Online’, that means non-contacts won’t be able to see when you’re online,” explains WABetaInfo .

Soon 3D avatars

WhatsApp should offer its users to create a virtual avatar in their image . During video calls, it will then be possible to use these 3D avatars instead of your own face. To create and edit this Avatar, the user will have access to a new in-app editing tool.

According to WABetainfo, the development is already well advanced and should soon be tested with a sample of users.

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