What will change on WhatsApp in October

by nativetechdoctor

The instant messaging application will inherit new features. A brief overview of the new features expected in October.

Removal of “online” status on PC

App users will soon finally be able to hide their status while on a PC. If it was possible for a long time not to display its online presence on the mobile app, the functionality was not present on PC. A future update should allow users of the PC version to hide their status and therefore their online presence from their contacts.

A new shortcut

Small novelty, which should first land on Android, WhatsApp now has a shortcut for the camera. Said button is positioned right next to the magnifying glass, on the application’s home screen. By pressing on it, the user will be able to access the camera of his smartphone to capture a photo or video and share it in a story, in the “Status” tab.

Editing messages on PC

On PC, app users will soon be able to edit old messages to correct an error.

Increase in groups up to 512 participants

On mobile, it will now be possible to create groups of 512 participants to exchange messages between friends, or between communities. An increase in the limit will allow Meta to focus more on the community aspect of its messaging app.

A filter for conversations

Another practical novelty for heavy users: is the presence of an “unread” filter at the very top of the menu, next to the search function. The user will thus be able to filter the chats to consult the messages not yet read.

The deletion of messages extended to all

From now on, you will no longer have to rush to delete a message so that it is not seen by one of your contacts. Message deletion will effectively be extended to two days for all users with the next app update. Useful, especially in groups, to prevent outdated information from being consulted again.

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