What will change on WhatsApp in September

by nativetechdoctor

In September, WhatsApp will introduce several major new features. It is time to take stock before the fateful hour.

A dedicated PC app

No need to go through the web version or download the software from the app site, WhatsApp now has its native app on Windows. To download it, go to the Windows Store. Until now, you first had to log into the application on your smartphone to access it. The new app is totally autonomous. Users will therefore be able to send and receive WhatsApp messages, even when their smartphone is offline.

The new WhatsApp app for Windows is available for download , in beta, from the Microsoft Store. Once downloaded, you will still need to connect your main WhatsApp device by scanning the QR code. Just once.

A new option for stories

A future software update will allow access to stories directly from the conversations screen. It will therefore no longer be necessary to go through the “status” tab to view the stories of its contacts. To view them, simply click on the user’s profile image, to the left of the conversation.

More security for account transfer

When an app user tries to log into their WhatsApp account from a new smartphone, they will be asked to verify the transfer of the account to the old smartphone. A methodology that will prevent account hacks that are too easy. The user will receive a 6-digit code on the old smartphone, which will confirm the transfer.

Blocking screenshots

With a future app update, WhatsApp will finally block screenshots of photos and videos sent for one-time viewing. It will then become impossible to save a “private” image sent to be viewed only once on a smartphone.

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