what’s new On iOS 13.4, macOS 10.15.4, watchOS 6.2 (and other OS)

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Apple just made iOS 13.4 available to the general public and in this article, we are going to tell you some of the new features on the new Os (iOS 13.4, macOS 10.15.4, watchOS 6.2)

iOS 13.4 is available,And here’s how to install it

iOS 13.4

Universal purchase Mac and iOS:

developers can choose to sell under a single app presentation sheet (Mac App Store or App Store iOS), both a macOS version of the app and an iOS version

New CarKey functionality:

appearance in the lines of iOS 13.4 of the code CarKey, which, according to the first information available, should correspond to a functionality offering the possibility for the iPhone, via NFC, to serve as an unlocking key of a compatible vehicle. A key can also be shared with contact via iMessage Folder Sharing in iCloud


the new design of the toolbar in the iOS app, now with 4 action shortcuts instead of 2


new actions available for the Shazam app


new settings options are appearing in the app, allowing you to access Apple TV + on your iPhone. It is now possible to deactivate streaming or downloading via cellular internet or to adjust the quality of streaming (either “high quality” or “data saving”) and of downloading via Wi-Fi or cellular internet (at choice, “high quality” or “fast download”)

iPadOS 13.4

New keyboard shortcuts in Photos on iPadOS

to optimize its actions when navigating in the app, between categories, but also to create albums, delete, duplicate or edit a photo

Function keys on iPadOS

the possible setting for the function keys in the settings of iPadOS, allowing them to be changed as desired


Minor design change in tvOS

Family Sharing is now in the Library

CarPlay 13.4

CarPlay News

support for new controls for calls and improved support for third-party navigation applications. They can now take advantage of multiple displays, functionality previously reserved for Apple Plans

macOS 10.15.4

Screen time on macOS

appearance of screen time information for communications

Apple Music

Like the iOS version, Apple Music on the Mac now supports song lyrics track. Please note, not all songs support this function

9 new Memojis stickers


new option to control the mouse cursor according to the position of the head

watchOS 6.2

Support for in-app purchases on Apple Watch

watchOS applications can now make in-app purchases directly from the watch

Notice to those who were able to install one of the new beta versions, including iOS 13.4. Have you noticed any changes other than those listed above?

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