WhatsApp forces users to share data with Facebook

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Facebook is causing more dissatisfaction among users due to a new policy that forces WhatsApp users to share data. At a time when people around the world are increasingly dependent on online messaging services, Facebook is researching its privacy and data protection practices. This society accepts what many see as an unfavorable move for the platform itself, namely blocking the use of WhatsApp users if they don’t allow Facebook to store their data.

WhatsApp has announced a change in policy that leaves them turning their backs on the notion that integration with Facebook is an optional option. Since being acquired by the social media giant, WhatsApp has tried to give itself an image of an app that works more or less independently but still values and cares about user privacy. With the aforementioned new policy, this image appears to be distorted, although it is in line with Facebook’s grand plan.

Users are being prompted to agree to the new privacy policy, which will essentially transfer some of their WhatsApp data to Facebook. While users may disagree with this policy, it is only temporary and the policy will take effect on 8.2 of this year. And WhatsApp users will have the only option of agreeing or stopping using the service altogether.

The reason for that change is that the service is improved and integrated with Facebook’s systems and infrastructure. However, that does benefit Facebook quite a bit over WhatsApp users.

This is just the latest of the major changes Facebook aims to bring more integration of its properties into its social networks and advertising. For example, merged Messenger and Instagram chats (still optional) and requiring a Facebook account to even use Oculus Quest 2.

WhatsApp will be sharing your Profile name, Profile picture, IP address, Phone number and contacts list, App logs, and Status messages. With companies like Facebook Payments, Onavo, and CrowdTangle

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