WhatsApp Tips: know who you talk most with on WhatsApp

by nativetechdoctor
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These days we as a whole use WhatsApp to talk. Presently these things can be voice calling, video calling as well as chatting.It has become simple to chat with anyone around the world In such a situation, where you want to know whom you have been chatting more on WhatsApp, then this article is for you. Through some settings in the phone itself, it can be known how much chatting you have done with someone. Through this, you are not only aware of the number of messages but also how many media files have been shared between the contacts.

In this way, know whom you have talked about the most on WhatsApp:

1- For this, first you have to go to WhatsApp. From here, go to the Settings menu. Settings can be made by clicking on the three dots on the right.

2- Then tap on Settings. Then you will have some options. In this, you have to tap on data and storage usage.

3- After tapping on data and storage usage, you will get the option of storage usage.

4- After clicking on storage usage, a list will appear in front of you. Here, a WhatsApp user will have been given information about how much storage space is taken.

5- After this, by clicking on the name of the contact, you can know how many text messages, photos, videos you have sent to each other.

Note: You can also delete these from here if you want. Whatever contact information you are looking for, you will see Free up Space at the bottom. Clicking on it will delete all the data shared with that contact.

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