WhatsApp will soon support multiple phones

by nativetechdoctor
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It seems that WhatsApp will soon receive an upgrade that many have been longing for, offering support for multiple phones, up to four specific devices. A report from WABetaInfo says WhatsApp has been developing this feature for a long time, but it is taking a long time for the company to do new work to get it working. The image from the post now shows the addition of a new device and the user’s message history downloading to that device.

As is known, WhatsApp always asks for a phone number to be associated with a user’s device. If a user switches to a new phone, they can still access as usual if they keep the same number, but otherwise have to start over. Not stopping there, users also have trouble letting all their contacts know what happened. Likewise, if you are using two phones (for example, a work phone and a personal phone), you won’t be able to run WhatsApp comfortably and easily.

When the new change is applied, things are clearly getting much better, as users can manage and control additional devices. This includes controlling all connected devices in the same way users can nowadays when using WhatsApp on the web and desktop, except that the user’s primary phone always has the connection on. background level.

The recent changes seem to apply to macOS as well. This capability is still in beta and there’s no guarantee they’ll be officially implemented, but it’s interesting nonetheless to see WhatsApp try to roll out such user-friendly changes.

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