Why does the 512 GB Galaxy S23 take up nearly 60 GB of available space?

by nativetechdoctor
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Now there is an answer for those who are wondering about the huge file system available on the Galaxy S23 that Samsung just launched without installing anything.

According to Neowin, recent reports say that One UI 5.1 on the Galaxy S23 series takes up more than 57 GB of internal memory. Many people believe that Samsung’s excessive bloatware is the cause of the problem. Then a Twitter user named Golden Reviewer explained why the OS install size on these devices is so large. That’s partly due to the display spec being 7% below specification, the person said, due to the binary to SI conversion, where 1,024 bytes would be written into 1,000 bytes.

That’s why a 512 GB smartphone has only 477 GB of storage. Of course, this difference will be different for other capacity levels, for example, a device with 128 GB of internal memory will only have about 119 GB available.

As a result, what Samsung seems to be doing here is incorporating that difference as part of system memory confusing users. In other words, the storage space lost in the case of the 512 GB Galaxy S23 will be about 35 GB after taking 512 GB (advertised space) minus 477 GB (actual space), and the One installation size The actual UI of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is about 22 GB after taking 57 GB minus 35 GB.

As such, the 512 GB Galaxy S23 will show 512 GB of storage with 60 GB of file system occupied instead of showing 477 GB and the actual install size. However, this installation size on the Galaxy S23 is still higher than the 10 GB on the Galaxy S22 Ultra last year. Meanwhile, the size of the Android operating system on the Pixel 7 takes up about 6 GB.

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