Why doesn’t the villain in the movie use an iPhone?

by nativetechdoctor

The villains or villains in the movies often don’t use iPhones, and that’s no coincidence.

Apple products are popular on TV shows and movies, but the company doesn’t pay to promote the products on screen. In fact, “apple defect” is willing to provide MacBook, iPad, and iPhone for film production studios, but with its strict requirements.

First, it should be understood that companies will generally have to pay content producers (the studios) to have their products or brands appear in media publications (movies, TV shows. ..)., if a viewer sees a logo (logo) of a certain brand, it is more likely that the company has paid for the studio. On the contrary, they do not spend money to sponsor or buy advertising if the logo is covered.

According to Bloomberg, Apple does not have the habit of paying for products to air. Instead, the company provides equipment to studios completely free in the form of props. Apple even gave the “Modern Family” TV show producer the iPad before it went on sale. This tablet appeared in a part of the movie shown 2 days before users could own the device on the market.

Not paying to promote, Apple devices still appear on movies and TV shows thanks to the policy of sponsoring props. However, free equipment for studio use is subject to separate requests from Apple.

Prerequisite: Apple doesn’t want villains, villains to use iPhones. Director Rian Johnson Knives Out once revealed this when sharing his work. He says viewers can sometimes determine if a character is a villain by looking at what phone they’re using.

“Apple does allow iPhones to be used in movies, but if you’re watching a movie with hidden plots, then the bad guys probably don’t use iPhones. That’s the bottom line,” Rian said.

Apple has never specifically said that “bad guys can’t use iPhones”, but the official documentation shows its products can only appear in the brightest scenes. Notably, there is also a requirement that anything related to Apple is “not allowed to give the feeling of sponsorship”.

As such, “apple defect” requires its products to appear naturally in movies and TV shows, a normal part of people’s lives. Paying to appear or putting the Apple logo in the front or middle of the frame can destroy that desire. And if viewers always associate the iPhone with “good people”, it doesn’t harm.

This can ruin the thrill of watching a movie, but next time you’re watching suspenseful scenes, pay attention to which phone the suspect is using, as this can be an important clue to identifying who is the villain, the villain.

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