Windows 10 adds a feature to determine which apps are consuming RAM

by nativetechdoctor
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Microsoft is reportedly developing an entirely new application manager that can be used in the Settings application to provide more control over the execution of applications and processes.

According to Windowslatest, this feature called AppManager based on the Settings app will give users an overview of the applications and processes running on the computer and currently running in beta form. There are two columns in the application, including All and Running. The All column lists the installed and desktop background apps. while the Running column lists all active processes or applications.

The user can select an application and click “Force close” to end the process and close the application at a strong level. This is useful if encountering an unresponsive application. Likewise, users can also click the “Uninstall” button to remove apps, including Cortana.

There is another option called “Performance” which allows the user to access detailed statistics about each process. User can view CPU usage, disk space occupied and RAM for selected process.

Microsoft is also developing AppManager to optimize the touchscreen-enabled experience, making interaction more convenient. Unlike today’s Task Manager, the new application also sends users notifications when an app uses too much memory.

For now, AppManager comes with some pretty limited features, but for sure new options will be added in the future. Hopefully the application will soon escape from testing and reach many users to experience.

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