Windows 10: new update, dark mode improves

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Windows 10 improves its dark mode (or night mode). In an update already available to Insiders, search results, which were not yet affected by the mode, are now displayed in a dark theme.

Microsoft has just deployed an update intended for Windows Insiders which finally integrates the search area in the dark mode of Windows 10. A welcome change that will make it easier for the eyes to work during the transitions between the Start area and the one dedicated to searching.

Previously, even though Dark Mode was active system-wide, search results were strangely always displayed with a white background. With this change, you will now be able to enjoy dark mode on almost the entire operating system. The update will be available to all users very soon.

Windows 10 Search now supports dark mode

Windows 10’s dark mode, or dark theme, has been part of the operating system for some time. Microsoft adopted it two years ago on the system’s file explorer, in October 2018, via build 17733. The problem is that if certain parts of Windows 10 and its applications like Chrome or Firefox take advantage of the dark theme, other sections still retain their white backgrounds for no apparent reason.

With build 20215, available for Windows Insiders, dark mode updates once again (and without planes this time). Now, the Windows search section, the search tool menus, and Bing’s web searches all benefit from this beautiful black background. This also applies to dialog boxes and context menus.

How to apply dark mode on Windows 10?

  • Open the Windows Settings menu (the cogwheel)
  • Click on the Personalization menu
  • Click on Colors, located in the left column
  • Click on the drop-down menu Choose your color
  • Select Dark.

While some apps and sections of Windows 10 are still “spared” by dark mode, Microsoft will undoubtedly correct it in the future. As for build 20215, it fixes a handful of bugs as usual.

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