Without turning on the security feature, the user is locked by Facebook

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Users who receive a notice asking to turn on Facebook Protect security if they do not do it within 15 days will have their accounts on social network Meta’s

Recently, Meta sent a notice to some users, asking them to turn on a security feature called Facebook Protect within 15 days of receiving the message. largest social network the world’s announced that it will lock user accounts on this platform.

The request to enable Facebook Protect is sent by Meta to users globally, but not all account holders receive the above information. In a notice sent to account owners, Meta said that an individual’s account has a higher potential for reach than the average on Facebook. The company believes that hackers often peek into accounts with high interaction, who are owners or are operating groups and fanpages on the community, so the move requires turning on the security feature “to protect and combat attacks attack” to take over user accounts.

If Protect is not enabled during the warning period, Meta will lock the account and reopen it only when the user complies with this requirement. When this feature is enabled, Facebook will check the overall security settings in the account to detect vulnerabilities early that could make it easier for hackers to take control. Users are also forced to turn on 2-layer security to ensure account safety.

Many users around the world as well as in Vietnam, when receiving notifications, have the habit of ignoring and considering this as a fraud, especially when the statement “Your account requires installation of security measures. boost” appeared in the suspicious-sounding message.

Nathaniel Gleicher, Head of Privacy Policy at Meta, confirmed on his personal Twitter: “This is a real message sent by Facebook. Protect is required by some potentially vulnerable accounts such as journalists, social activists … “.

“Facebook Protect is a security program designed to help accounts that are highly vulnerable to hackers, making them more secure by simplifying security features like authentication 2 elements”, the message has a paragraph. This page also provides detailed instructions on how to enable users to activate the new security program in their accounts.

Since the request is only sent to a limited number of accounts in the high-risk group, the average user who does not receive the notification will not need (and cannot) do anything related to Protect. Even the relevant settings do not appear in regular accounts.

However, users can still enhance the security of their accounts through 2-layer security and use additional measures such as receiving alerts when there is an unusual login from an unknown device, choosing to verify random 3 out of 5 friends on the list…

Facebook Protect has been tested since 2018 and officially rolled out in 2020. Meta plans to expand the program globally in 2022, but the size and how has not been announced yet.

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