Worldwide Gmail service down, users complain on Twitter

by nativetechdoctor
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Now, most of the network is slow. At the same time, problems with Gmail’s service going down have appeared all over the world. Due to the rejection of Gmail, users have many problems sending and receiving emails.After which it is speculated that this problem may be due to increased traffic at the site due to lockdown in many parts of the world.

At Downdetector, users complained that they were having trouble receiving and sending mail. After the complaint of the users, the company also talked about fixing this problem as soon as possible. However, nothing has been clearly stated yet about what is the main reason for Gmail being down.

In almost all the world, people are sitting in homes due to lockdown and in such a way people are connected to each other through the internet and social media. For this reason, increasing traffic from the site can also lead to Gmail down. But to know the exact reason, users will have to wait for its fix and announcement of the company.

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