Xbox launches new mini fridge

by nativetechdoctor

Xbox has just introduced a new refrigerator on the market called Mini-Me Xbox Series X Mini Fridge. This is the third mini fridge of this brand.

According to Xboxygen , before Mini-Me Xbox Series X Mini Fridge, Microsoft introduced Xbox Series X Fridge and Xbox Mini Fridge. In this version, Xbox said that the new refrigerator has a smaller design and a lower price to meet the requirements of consumers. Xbox’s new refrigerator can hold 8 cans and sold for $79 at Walmart before being introduced to the global market

With this cheaper version, Xbox is setting expectations for success thanks to improvements in design and reducing operating noise. For size comparison, the first version has a height of about 45 cm, while the depth and width are about 23 cm. The new model has the height dimensions reduced to about 35 cm, while the depth and width are about 19 cm.

Only Walmart (USA) sells the new Xbox mini fridge for $79, $20 cheaper than the previous model. There is no word yet on the release date of the refrigerator in the rest of the world. In France, the Micromania brand has acquired the exclusive distribution rights of this product.

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