Young Steve Jobs’ handwritten letter is auctioned

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Auction house Bonhams announced it will sell a one-page letter from the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs on November 3, with an estimated price of as much as $300,000.

The handwritten letter was postmarked February 23, 1974, a day earlier than Steve Jobs’ 19th birthday. He sent a letter to his close friend Tim Brown, who attended Homestead High School in California (USA).

At that time, Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College and said he was living in a log cabin in the Santa Cruz mountains, working every day at the All One apple farm.

the letter

Within the letter, 19-year-old Steve Jobs shared his thoughts on Zen Buddhism and revealed his plans to travel to India to attend Kumba Mela – a pilgrimage occasion and religious festival for Hindus. From a young age, he longed for the meaning of life .

The lines in the letter reflect the Apple founder’s habit of not capitalizing. He confided to you: “I have read your letter many times, I do not know what to say. Many mornings have come and gone, many individuals have passed through life, I have loved and cried many times, but deep inside in all the things nothing changes – do you understand?”.

Adam Stackhouse, Bonhams’ director of history of science and technology , said: “The letter offers an insight into the personal life of a very personal man”, and asserts that not one of the letters have ever been written. signed by Jobs has appeared in auctions before.

At the end of the letter, he wrote the word “shanti”, which means “peace” in Sanskrit. A month later, Steve Jobs set foot in India and stayed for 7 months, but missed the opportunity to take part in the Kumba Mela festival. Even so, his trip to India had a serious influence on his worldview .

Auction house Bonhams additionally said Steve Jobs rarely wrote to you. Jobs and Brown had been close since high school and remained in contact throughout Jobs’ life with many ups and downs. The letter is a testament to the respect and affection that Jobs had for Brown.

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