YouTube enters the NFT game market

by nativetechdoctor
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YouTube has not yet revealed how they will push the idea of ​​NFT as the next monetization tool for creators and themselves.

According to ScreenRant, the wave of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) will continue to see more companies in 2022 and it seems that YouTube is the next name, the CEO of the video-sharing platform calls it a worthwhile opportunity. amazing.

YouTube isn’t the only social platform moving towards NFT. Earlier this month, Twitter announced that users could show off their NFT collection with a custom hexagonal avatar. Besides, TikTok also launched its first NFT collection last September.

Meta is reportedly building tools that will allow Facebook and Instagram users to create artwork, mint, and market it on their platforms. It’s no surprise that there’s no shortage of influencers who have partnered with digital artists to create or endorse custom NFT collections. Even smartphone manufacturers like OnePlus have jumped into the NFT race.

YouTube is not out of this billion-dollar race. In a letter, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki commented how NFT, along with cryptocurrency, has emerged as a major opportunity for creators to connect more deeply with their fans. Instagram has said the same thing for its subscription tool, and so has Facebook.

As for YouTube’s approach to NFTs, it looks like creators could take on several roles. However, Wojcicki did not specify how it will work or when NFT will come to YouTube.

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