YouTube is about to remove overlay ads

by nativetechdoctor

Responding in the forum, the YouTube team said that it will remove the form of overlay ads (Overlays Ads) inserted into the video playing on the computer version.

For most users who don’t subscribe to Premium, watching YouTube videos but being interrupted by ads that appear below the video is an annoying experience. YouTube recognizes this disappointment and has confirmed overlay ads will be gone next month.

According to 9to5 Google, YouTube announced in a forum post that it will end this ad format on April 6. The Google-owned platform has admitted that manually enabling ads at the bottom is distracting to the viewer’s experience.

With the change coming, the video platform will shift its focus to higher-performing ad formats on desktop and mobile. The ad format that is about to be phased out on YouTube is very familiar to users. This ad type only shows on the desktop web version.

It’s annoying, but it’s not as intrusive as video ads that users need to click skip because they can still watch the video while the ad is still below, and can still be turned off with an occasional X. little hard to see.

For content creators, YouTube promises minimal impact when shifting interactions to other ad formats.

Google’s YouTube division is likely to get some more changes in 2023 under a new leader, Neal Mohan. In early March, Mohan announced a business plan for 2024 to earn more revenue for both YouTube and content creators such as adding support for account registration, and shopping options.

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