Zoom acquires the Keybase messaging app to reinforce security

by nativetechdoctor
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Zoom has stepped up its security reform efforts through the acquisition of security messaging service Keybase.

Previously, Zoom had to deal with counter-attacks when it turned out that the application was not fully encrypted. The company plans to develop tools to provide more control over meetings. Ensuring the confidentiality of participants.

The company claims to have acquired Keybase, a secure file, and a messaging service. For an undisclosed price, the agreement will help the company complete its technical expertise to provide a stronger encryption solution for the online video conferencing platform.

Zoom is one of the companies that has benefited greatly from social isolation orders that have forced millions to work from home, which means they have to choose an online video conferencing platform for meetings. and work, in which Zoom is a bright candidate and has been chosen by many people, causing the number of users of the company’s services to grow exponentially during the epidemic.

This growth leveled off after security experts discovered and warned of Zoom’s critical flaws. The company said it is preparing a new draft code that will be released on May 22 to consult experts before integrating into the service.

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