Zoom has a gap that makes the call can be monitored

by nativetechdoctor
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Hackers can easily track a call despite putting a password on Zoom through a security hole. The bug was discovered by Tom Anthony, product vice president for SearchPilot, an SEO company. The problem with this vulnerability is that the number of incorrect password entries when accessing meeting rooms is unlimited. By default, the zoom call is protected by a 6-digit password, which means there are 1 million password recognition options available. As a result, attackers can use various forms of digital password samples without limitation.

There is currently no evidence that the security hole has been exploited by hackers, but with no limit to the number of times a room password can be received, the nature of the attack can be nearly any. when.

There was a suspicious case on March 31, Mr. Vladimir Johnson posted an informative tweet about an internal meeting of his online. However, in the list of participants in this meeting, there was a strange user named “iPhone” who joined but did not open the camera and microphone. Mr. Tom Anthony has raised concerns about whether or not the vulnerability has been exploited by hackers.

In response, a Zoom spokesman told The Independent: “When we learned of this issue, we immediately took down the Zoom web application to ensure the safety of our users. We have fixed the problem and restarted the service, with these fixes the issue was completely resolved. ”

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