Zoom rolls out new update, meeting id no longer seen

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Zoom has begun introducing new updates that provide several security updates. If the user wants to share a screenshot of the meeting after this update, the meeting ID is not displayed in the title bar. This update is now available on all platforms, including the web, computers, and applications. Once blocked, Zoom is very popular with users.

In fact, a report recently came out stating that some people tried to hack the confidential meeting. This happened when the UK Prime Minister shared a screenshot with the meeting ID on his Twitter. Earlier, meeting IDs of Zoom users were visible in most of the chat windows. But now this meeting has gone behind the Info icon on the screen.

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In view of the situation, Zoom has collected security controls at one place. A new security icon has been given in this update which is present with all in-meeting controls. This feature will be available only to the host of the meeting.

Earlier in a report by BuzzFeed News, it was reported that Google has denied all its employees to use Zoom. A company spokesperson says that according to the company’s policy, it does not allow any apps coming out of our corporate network to be used. For this, the company will not run in laptops or PCs used for the company. Because it does not meet the company’s safety standards. Also, the company had also said that if an employee wants to contact his family or friends, then he can use this app.

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