Zuckerberg upset with Chinese Internet regulation, said – West countries more democratic than China

by nativetechdoctor

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, has raised concerns about Chinese internet regulation. He advised other countries not to follow the Chinese model on the Internet. It is also said to replace the Chinese model. He said Chinese values ​​were different from western values. Zuckerberg said directly to EU official Thierry Breton: “I think western countries are more democratic than China.” This view is also reflected in the regulations adopted by the Internet. Zuckerberg rated the western Internet model as the best.

Zuckerberg advised the whole world not to use the Chinese Internet model. He said other countries must oppose China’s attitude towards internet regulation and adopt a democratic attitude on the internet. Zuckerberg went further by saying that western countries could become a set of internet rules for the world. Zuckerberg previously also criticized Chinese politics. He also criticized China for not showing the content of the 2019 Hong Kong protest. Zuckerberg said cooperation between companies and the government was needed. He said that reform was needed from time to time. With this in mind, Facebook has changed its attitude towards data protection around the world.

A controversy has also arisen about Facebook’s internet policy. Facebook had an ambitious project, Internet.org, which was opposed to violating the principle of Net Neutrality. Facebook said that under the Internet.org program, it wants to provide basic internet services in remote areas for free. Critics believed that this Facebook initiative would make sense in poor areas that the Internet meant only Facebook and then Facebook would make a profit from it.

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