how to view Mac hard drive on Windows

by nativetechdoctor
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If you’re a Windows user and you need to access APFS or HFS drives, you might think it’s not possible without a Mac computer. However, there is a third-party software called MacDrive that can help you with that. By installing MacDrive, you can share files to and from APFS and HFS+ formatted drives, including internal drives, portable drives, desktop multi-bay drives, and even iPads. This software allows you to read and write to the drive regardless of the platform. With MacDrive, you get fully compatible and reliable data-sharing convenience that works out of the box.

how to view a Mac hard drive on Windows

  • first, you will need to visit and download and install the software
  • once you are done installing it makes your Windows become “Mac aware” and can access Mac-formatted drives easily

There is nothing to launch or learn. MacDrive 11 Standard allows users to simply connect a Mac-formatted drive to their PC and it will behave like any other disk on the system. You will be able to read and write to almost any hard drive, SSD, CD, DVD, and more. You can even access SoftRAID RAID 0 and RAID 1 volumes with MacDrive 11 Pro.

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