iPhone 15 Pro is not the gaming weapon as expected

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by nativetechdoctor
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The iPhone 15 Pro is an advanced device that comes equipped with hardware-based ray tracing and other GPU features that enhance the gaming capabilities of the phone. However, users have reported that the device still lacks a proper gaming controller, which is essential for a comfortable gaming experience. The touchscreen design of the phone can make fingers hurt after prolonged use, which makes it uncomfortable to play games.

Moreover, the iPhone 15 Pro has been experiencing overheating issues, which is a matter of concern for users. Apple has claimed to have fixed the issue with the release of iOS 17.1, but users still face overheating problems. To evaluate the gaming experience of the device, let us consider Genshin Impact, one of the most demanding mobile titles on the iPhone 15 Pro. To enhance the gaming experience, users pair the phone with the Galileo G8 controller.

While the gaming experience seemed fine initially, the iPhone 15 Pro became extremely hot after 20 minutes of gaming, causing some throttling issues. The battery of the phone drains quickly, with the game accounting for 75% and the controller accounting for 25% of the drain. The battery drains more than 50% in an hour of play, leaving only two hours of gaming time before recharging. Even lowering some game settings does not improve the situation considerably.

Although there are smartphones designed specifically for gaming and even controllers with active cooling systems, many users expect a lot from the iPhone 15 Pro. The phone runs hot in everyday situations such as listening to music, surfing social networks, or searching for information using Maps. Apple needs to address these issues to turn the iPhone 15 Pro into a true mobile gaming machine.

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