11 Android apps containing Fleckpe malware need to be removed urgently

by nativetechdoctor

A new Android malware with the potential to cause serious harm to users called Fleckpe has been detected in several apps on Google Play, with more than 600,000 downloads in total.

According to GizChina , Fleckpe could put thousands of Android users at risk of money theft and invasion of privacy. This is subscription-based malware that works by subscribing to premium services without the victim’s knowledge or consent. Once installed on the device, it will ask for access to notifications to get confirmation codes for premium services. It then uses these codes to sign up users to premium services, resulting in unauthorized charges

With his operation, Fleckpe was able to wipe the victim’s bank account. The longer the malware stays on the device, the more money it can steal. Besides stealing money, it can also collect personal information or be used as an entry point for more powerful attacks.

One of the most dangerous things about Fleckpe is how hard it is to spot. Even when operating with the purpose of stealing money and personal information, it still seems to provide the functions promised by the fake application. Users may not even realize that their device has been compromised until it is too late.

Active since last year but Fleckpe was only recently discovered by Kaspersky . This means it could have stolen money from a lot of people. Most victims were identified in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Poland, but the malware is present worldwide and can affect anyone.

Identified Fleckpe-containing apps include Impressionism Pro Camera, GIF Camera Editor Pro, HD 4K Wallpaper, Fingertip Graffiti, Microclip Video Editor, Beauty Camera Plus, Beauty Photo Camera, Beauty Slimming Photo Editor, Photo Camera Editor, Photo Effect Editor and Night Mode Camera Pro

To be able to protect themselves from Fleckpe and other similar malware apps, users need to be careful with what they download and install on their mobile devices. Users need to stick to reputable sources like official app stores and avoid downloading apps from unverified sources. Users should also be careful about the permissions they grant to apps, avoiding giving access to sensitive information like contacts or location unless absolutely necessary. Alternatively, a good anti-virus application can be installed on the device to help protect against malware.

If you’ve downloaded any Android apps that contain Fleckpe as listed, delete them immediately to prevent malware from stealing more money or personal information. Users should monitor their bank accounts for any unauthorized charges and contact their bank if they notice anything suspicious

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