16 Android applications infected with malicious code need to be deleted urgently

by nativetechdoctor
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Dr.Web’s latest monthly mobile threat report has just highlighted a list of many Android applications infected with the Joker, FakeApp, and HiddenAds trojans.

According to BGR, Dr.Web says all of these Android apps have now been removed by Google from the Play Store, but if you downloaded any of these apps while they were available, you should delete them immediately. Overall, these apps have been downloaded more than 2 million times, so it’s very likely that a large number of Android users still have them installed on their phones.

The first is adware trojans disguised as games. Once installed, these apps try to hide themselves from users by replacing their icons with transparent images, leaving the app name blank, and even pretending to be a mobile browser like Chrome. These apps include Super Skibydi Killer, Agent Shooter, Rubber Punch 3D, and Rainbow Stretch.

The security vendor also pointed to several FakeApp trojans, with some of them appearing to be financial software and others acting like games, including Eternal Maze, Cowboy’s Frontier, Enchanted Elixir, Fire Fruits, Jungle Jewels, Stellar Secrets, GazEndow Economic, FinancialFusion, Financial Vault, and MoneyMentor.

Finally, there are two Joker trojans that Android users should watch out for, which sign up victims to paid services without their knowledge, including Love Emoji Messenger and Beauty Wallpaper HD.

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