Activision investigates password theft campaign targeting gamers

by nativetechdoctor
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Activision, a popular game company, is currently investigating a malicious attack campaign that is attempting to steal the login information of gamers. According to TechCrunch, hackers are using malware to install on victims’ computers and stealing passwords for gaming accounts, cryptocurrency wallets, and other accounts. The specific motives of the attackers remain unclear, but it is believed that gamers who use cheat software are being targeted.

The discovery of the attack campaign was made by Zebleer, a developer of cheat software for the game Call of Duty. A customer using the cheating software reported that his account had been stolen and upon investigation, Zebleer found a database containing the stolen login information of thousands of gamers. Zebleer has contacted Activision Blizzard and other cheat software manufacturers to report the attack.

To mitigate the attack, Activision is working to assist with malware removal, as well as identify and recover player accounts for those affected. The company has also recommended that users change their passwords and enable two-factor authentication to protect their accounts.

This attack highlights the potential dangers of using cheating software and serves as a wake-up call for gamers. Players should exercise caution when installing any software from third-party sources and only use software provided by the official game publisher.

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