AI helps create custom store listings on Google Play

by nativetechdoctor

Google is hoping to use artificial intelligence (AI) to encourage app developers to expand the use of their custom store listings on the Google Play Store.

According to Engadget , the new feature announced at Google I/O 2023 will give developers access to AI-powered tools to help them create new store listings and convert app listings their availability into many languages

App developers can already create up to 50 custom lists, but Google hopes these new tools will make it easier to manage them. The company introduces a store listing grouping feature that allows developers to create a base listing for their app, and then modify specific elements to tailor it to demographics or specific object.

The new AI-powered features seem designed to make this easier. For example, an AI helper can receive a developer prompt highlighting a key feature or marketing theme and provide ready-made text to help users navigate to a targeted store listing. There’s also a new machine translation tool that can help developers quickly list their apps in 10 different languages.

While most of these new features were created to help developers find and expand their audiences, there is at least one new tool rolling out to regular users : AI-powered review summaries. . Google says the feature will help users understand what makes the app special. This will be designed to help apps reach more users

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