App impersonating LastPass password manager finds its way into the App Store

by nativetechdoctor
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LastPass password management application was faked and appeared on the App Store, raising safety concerns.

According to TechSpot, while Apple often boasts about the App Store’s strict censorship process, a fake LastPass application has slipped through the security barrier and appeared on the platform, raising concerns. about user data safety.

The app is called ‘LassPass Password Manager’, with spelling errors evident in the name and incorrect developer. However, it attempted to copy LastPass’s branding, logo, and interface, enough to confuse users.

Surprisingly, the app remained on the App Store for weeks before being taken down, despite many signs that it was fake. It is unclear who removed this application from the store, whether it was Apple or the developer itself.

The appearance of ‘LassPass’ on the App Store comes at a time when Apple is protesting the Act Technical Market Digital Code (DMA) of the European Union (EU), which allows third-party app stores to host iOS apps. Apple is concerned that DMA could affect the security of iPhone users, including the risk of fake applications.

The exact functionality of LassPass once installed is unknown, but it does not appear to be directly linked to LastPass, so it is not possible to copy login information from the genuine password manager application. However, the developer will likely steal sensitive personal information such as passwords, emails, addresses, and payment card information, as this app has a paid subscription option.

This incident is a warning to users about the importance of being careful when downloading apps, even on reputable platforms like the App Store. Always carefully check information such as developer, application name, description, and reviews before installing. In addition, you should only use official applications from reputable publishers and stay away from applications that show signs of being fake.

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