Apple has temporarily stopped developing folding-screen iPhones

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The dream of a folding iPhone had to be temporarily shelved due to some screen-related problems.

According to MacRumors, there is bad news for Apple fans who love innovation. Accordingly, the folding screen iPhone project is likely to be stalled because the screen produced by the supplier does not meet the company’s strict standards.

This source was given by Fixed Focus Digital, a technology blogger on the social network Weibo that is widely followed, saying that Apple has tested many folding phone models from competitors as part of its research and development process. developing their folding device, which is said to have been going on since 2016.

Among the folding phone models tested, at least one device uses a screen manufactured by Samsung. Samsung is an important supplier of display panels for Apple devices and has also provided folding screen models for the company in the past. A recent report even said that Samsung is making efforts to improve operating efficiency to prepare for the production of folding screens for iPhones, based on its experience in producing folding screen devices since 2015.

However, Chinese blogger sources shared that Samsung’s latest folding screen failed after just a few days of Apple’s rigorous testing, causing the entire project to be paused until the company found a supplier. level can meet strict requirements for screen quality .

Earlier this month, The Information also reported that Apple is actively building prototypes of at least two folding-screen iPhone models, after more than 5 years of research and development. Both are described as horizontally folding like clamshells but are not yet in Apple’s product roadmap for 2024 or 2025. The report also notes that the project could be completely canceled if it does not meet the criteria. Apple standard.

In addition, it is still unclear whether this pause will affect Apple’s folding screen iPad project. Earlier this month, Korean site The Elec reported that Apple is considering launching its first foldable tablet in the next few years, in the form of a 7-8 inch device, which could replace the 8.3 inch iPad mini

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