Apple helps iPhone users stay safe from Flipper Zero hacking device

by nativetechdoctor
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Apple has blocked the ability to hack iPhones via Bluetooth with Flipper Zero – a versatile device that attacks iPhones with a series of pop-ups that render them unusable, eventually freezing and shutting down.

According to ZDNet, there is no official statement from Apple against Flipper Zero, however, reviews show that the above error no longer occurs after the iPhone is updated to iOS 17.2 which Apple released not long ago.

Speaking of the compact Flipper Zero hacking device, they have been proven capable of disabling iPhones running iOS 17 and older versions of the platform when they are nearby. A third-party firmware called Flipper Xtreme allowed the Bluetooth radio module built into the Flipper Zero to send many requests to connect peripheral devices to all iPhones within its range.

The attack does not harm the iPhone in any way, but users will see a series of requests to connect via Bluetooth on the screen. This makes other phone functions inoperable. At that time, the only way to block the attack was to turn off Bluetooth on the iPhone.

Now, with iOS 17.2, users no longer have to perform the above operation because Apple may have resolved the problem. Testing with an iPhone updated to iOS 17.2 and placed near a Flipper Zero device showed that only one popup appeared on the device and this was not enough to cause widespread problems. Apple has not yet commented on the issue, but owners of existing iPhones should update to iOS 17.2 as soon as possible.

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