Apple is gradually moving towards a full-screen iPhone

by nativetechdoctor
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Apple is rumored to introduce a full-screen iPhone in the future, and the latest evidence shows that this is gradually becoming a reality.

According to BGR, LG Innotek has started developing an under-display camera and the implementation will take place “after 2026”. This technology makes the camera invisible when inactive, increasing the immersion of the screen. This is consistent with predictions that Apple will launch a full-screen iPhone in 2027 when both Face ID and the front camera can be hidden under the screen.

To avoid the problem of the front camera absorbing low light, LG is developing a special technology called Feeform Optic that can overcome the limitations of existing under-panel cameras. The module will also include multiple lenses, including “free curve” shapes on one or more surfaces to make the transition seamless.

Of course, developing an under-display camera will take some time, and we can’t expect a truly full-screen iPhone to appear before 2026. What’s interesting is that Apple has received under-display camera samples from other companies. another company, however, the company’s performance evaluation results were “unsatisfactory”.

Before implementing a truly all-screen iPhone, Apple must hide the Face ID technology under the screen. This transition is expected to take place in 2025 with the iPhone 17. As a result, Apple may delay design changes across its entire iPhone line for another year, meaning Dynamic Island will stay the same as above—the current iPhone 15 series.

It is known that Samsung has applied under-screen camera technology to the Galaxy Z Fold series. However, the camera specifications are too low and this is why Samsung emphasizes that users should use the main camera instead of the camera under this screen. It will be interesting to see how Apple can address this limitation.

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