Apple may introduce AI-integrated Siri this year

by nativetechdoctor
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Artificial intelligence (AI)-integrated with Siri is anticipated to be much more personalized and capable of more natural speech than its current iteration.

When Apple debuted Siri, the virtual assistant, with the iPhone 4s in 2011, the company’s fan base of smartphone users was thrilled. However, the company nearly gave up on this software after that and it lagged behind its rivals, like Google Assistant.

A new version of Siri with generative AI capabilities will be unveiled by Apple at WWDC 2024, which is scheduled to happen in June 2024, according to information leaked by tech blogger @yeux1122. The model was used to develop this new version of Siri. Apple is testing Ajax’s artificial intelligence internally. The updated Siri is more human-like in that it can have conversations naturally.

Today, users can initiate a conversation with Siri on an iPhone and carry it uninterrupted to an iPad or Mac computer. Nevertheless, it is unclear from the leaked material whether Apple will take care of the “assistant girl’s” remaining restrictions after she turns 13 or not.

Siri still cannot respond directly, even after numerous updates; instead, it must connect to the data server and respond to the available information. Additionally, Apple’s virtual assistant frequently refers users to websites rather than directly answering their queries. Furthermore, hearing impairment is another barrier. Siri continues to provide the incorrect response even when it hears the question correctly.

Account owner @yeux1122 is not the first person to reveal Apple’s plan to bring AI to Siri. In November 2023, another source specializing in leaking technology news, @Tech_Reve, said the same thing but added that the upgraded version of Siri only works on the iPhone 16 series and later.

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