Apple opens the App Store to cloud gaming services

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Apple has made a welcome move towards cloud gaming after years of restrictions.

According to BGR, there is good news for fans of cloud computing games, Apple has finally become more open to this technology when announcing that it will open the App Store for cloud gaming services, which promises to bring a big step forward for the gaming industry.

Previously, the Cupertino giant always limited services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now by only allowing them to work on the Safari browser. This policy has made the cloud gaming experience of Apple devices not smooth and optimal.

Now, Apple has broken this barrier by allowing cloud game developers to publish their apps to the App Store. This means users can download and play games directly on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, similar to regular games. Not only that, Apple also allows developers to use the In-App Purchase system to make direct purchases, allowing applications to provide mini-app and mini-game features. , chatbots, and plugins.

This change is a huge step forward for the gaming industry. As it opens the door for the development of cloud gaming services on Apple devices. Users can expect a smoother experience, richer game variety, and the ability to play games anytime, anywhere.

It’s unclear whether major services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now will come to the App Store immediately.

In addition, Apple also opened up its app store and third-party payment system to users in the EU. This is another notable move, but the scope is currently limited to the European Union. Overall, Apple’s new changes show that the company is more open to new technologies and user needs.

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