Apple warns iPhone users about new spyware

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Apple has recently issued a warning to iPhone users in over 90 countries about the potential risk of being targeted by a new spyware attack known as the Mercenary Spyware Attack. This dangerous spyware attack can remotely compromise an iPhone and steal personal data. Victims of this attack have been reported in India and other countries. The attackers use advanced spyware to install on iPhones, which allows them to track the data and location of their targets.

These types of attacks are often carried out by criminal organizations or sponsored by governments due to the high cost of spyware development and complex technical requirements. Typically, the targets of these attacks are individuals in important positions such as political activists, government officials, diplomats, and journalists.

Apple is taking necessary measures to protect its users from this dangerous spyware. The company has been working on releasing software updates and patching security holes. It also recommends that users at risk of being attacked should proactively protect themselves by immediately installing the latest software updates and consider turning on Lockdown Mode, which disables certain functions of the iPhone system known to be particularly vulnerable.

Furthermore, Apple is also taking legal measures against the manufacturers of this dangerous spyware. In November 2021, Apple sued the Israeli company NSO Group, which is one of the most notorious spyware manufacturers, for its role in carrying out surveillance attacks on Apple users. The lawsuit is still ongoing.

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