Apple Watch is having a problem with ‘touch disturbances’

by nativetechdoctor
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Apple Watch users have recently reported a “ghost touch” or “touch disorder” issue with their Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 models. The problem causes the watch to jump erratically and makes it difficult for users to enter the password to unlock the device.

Apple has acknowledged the “touch disturbance” problem in a memo sent to authorized service providers earlier this year. However, the company has advised against replacing the affected devices and has instead recommended that users wait for the next software update while the issue is being investigated.

The first-generation Apple Watch Series 7, Watch Series 8, and Watch Ultra users have also reported similar issues. Despite this, Apple has continued to advise against replacing the devices and has instead suggested that authorized service providers press and hold two buttons on the Apple Watch for 10 seconds to force the device to start updating and ensure that it is running with the latest watchOS.

The “touch disorder” issue has been affecting some Apple Watch users for several months now. Many users have reported that their devices have become unusable due to the problem, which seems to be related to Apple’s password-unlocking feature. Some users have described their Apple Watch Ultra 2 as feeling “haunted,” as they have been unable to unlock their device even after waking up to see a message that reads, “Wrong password, please try again after 3 hours.”

Devices affected by the “touch disorder” bug do not respond to user touch, and rebooting the device does not seem to fix the issue. Apple is expected to release a fix for the problem soon, given the severity of the issue and the number of users affected.

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