Apple would prepare two new “affordable” iPhones

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Apple is expected to introduce a new iPhone SE in the spring. Another iPhone SE, the fourth generation, would be planned for 2023.

Scheduled for next spring, the new iPhone SE would offer 5G connectivity while maintaining the same design and the same LCD screen of approximately 12 centimeters.

A spring version

The new iPhone SE is due out next spring. Display analyst Ross Young claims the device could be called “iPhone SE+ 5G”. It should keep the same design as the current iPhone SE but will be updated with 5G functionality. A small detail, in addition, the “SE + 5G” will normally be delivered with the latest A15 Bionic processor. This is the same technology built into the latest iPhone 13 series.

A whole new name for Apple

The mention of “5G” makes sense since it is the main novelty of the product will be its 5G connectivity. Unlike the “+” which is surprising. Indeed, until now, Apple reserved the term “Plus”, in full, for its models equipped with a large screen of at least 14 cm. “Plus” was later replaced by the term “Max”.

Finally, the last time Apple mentioned wireless connectivity in an iPhone’s name was in 2008 with the iPhone 3G.

As a reminder, Ross Young had already predicted, without fail, the ProMotion screen of the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros of 2021 and the design of the new iPad mini without a home button.

A new generation iPhone

According to the analyst, another new model should see the light of day next year. Initially scheduled for 2024, the 4th generation iPhone SE should finally be released in 2023.

The device would offer a screen of about 15 cm. This corresponds, within a few millimeters, to the screen size of the iPhone X, XS, and 11 Pro. The device could also have an OLED screen.

One of the best-selling iPhones

The first iPhone SE launched in March 2016 with the design of the iPhone 5s and improvements of an iPhone 6s, for $399. Apple then launched the second generation of the iPhone SE in 2020. The device kept the same price while offering improved specifications and the design of the iPhone 7.

Despite its older design, the iPhone SE is still one of Apple’s best-selling smartphones. It is a device that remains affordable (compared to other versions) and provides a long-term software update guarantee.

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