Apple’s iMessage application is under antitrust investigation

by nativetechdoctor
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Apple’s iMessage application is currently being investigated by the European Commission (EC) to see if it must comply with the European Union’s (EU) Digital Market Act.

According to Reuters, the European Commission’s antitrust regulators are investigating two technology “giants”, Apple, Bing, Edge, and Microsoft Ads applications and Microsoft, regarding iMessage to see if these services are illegal. must comply with the Digital Market Act (DMA).

The investigation was opened last September after Apple and Microsoft objected to the EU competition regulator labeling these services as core platform services regulated by the DMA

According to the report, investigators are determining the importance of the iMessage app compared to competing messaging services with Apple. Antitrust regulators are scrutinizing Apple’s iMessage user base, whether business users rely on iMessage for any particular purpose, and whether the app is appropriate for its operations. Apple’s overall business or not.

Reuters said the European Commission hopes to finish the review within 5 months, meaning a decision will be made in January or February. If iMessage is forced to comply with the DMA, the messaging service may have to comply with new regulations to serve EU users.

The European Union’s Digital Markets Act is a set of rules specifically targeting technology giants including Apple, Amazon, Google… The purpose of these regulations is to create a level playing field for all technology companies inside and outside Europe

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