Diablo IV will be available on Steam on October 17

by nativetechdoctor

After releasing Overwatch 2 on Steam in August 2023, publisher Blizzard is said to be preparing to bring Diablo IV to Valve’s platform on October 17.

Until now, the PC version of Diablo IV was only available on publisher Blizzard’s Battle.net service, but Blizzard Entertainment announced in July that it was ready to bring more of its games to the Steam platform. with the announcement: “The timing of Diablo IV’s launch on Steam couldn’t be better! It coincides with the release of Season of Blood, our second season, introducing new Quests for you to explore, Vampire Powers to wield for devastating damage, and five additional final bosses. ..”. The Steam version of Diablo IV will still require a Battle.net account and will be cross-platform with PC and Console players.

Diablo IV, released on June 6 on PC and current-gen consoles, had one of the biggest launches of the year, attracting more than 12 million players in August. However, Diablo IV has somewhat had difficulty attracting players when the content is perceived as boring. Diablo IV also received a lot of criticism for its beautiful graphics that made the game pick on computers and unexpected changes to class balance, although publisher Blizzard promised to pay more attention in the future.

In fact, the fact that Blizzard brought a blockbuster game like Diablo IV to the Steam platform just 4 months after its launch is really too early. However, Steam is the largest digital storefront for PC games, and publishers will likely sell more copies of Diablo IV in the future thanks to Steam. Although Valve will enjoy more revenue from this, it seems that Diablo IV’s publisher doesn’t care much.

While Overwatch 2 received a lot of criticism when it came to Steam, Diablo IV fans will be excited to see how this game is evaluated

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