Epic Games announced Fortnite will return to iOS

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Shocking news. in the gaming industry when Epic Games made a welcome announcement about the future of Fortnite

According to GizmoChina, after nearly 4 years of absence, Fortnite is about to have a surprising return on the iOS platform in the European Union (EU) region, according to a recent announcement by Epic Games. This is not only the return of a popular game, but also an important milestone in the field of mobile application distribution.

Fortnite’s return to iOS is a direct result of the App Store’s recent policy changes, influenced by the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). These changes allow iPhone users in the EU to download apps from third-party stores other than the App Store, breaking the previous app distribution monopoly.

Epic Games did not miss this opportunity, bringing Fortnite back to the market that has been looking forward to the game all these years. Distribution through the Epic Games Store not only helps Epic expand its player base but also challenges the traditional app distribution model.

The impact of this return is not only influential in the EU. It shows the vision of a more open future where the monopoly of large app marketplaces can be broken, leading to a more diverse and competitive market. Thereby bringing benefits to both application developers and users.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has always had big ambitions for the Epic Games Store, wanting to make it a leading multi-platform store with competitive fees and exclusive games like Fortnite. The return of Fortnite on iOS is a strategic move to realize this vision.

fans However, this good news is currently only for Fortnite in the EU, players in other regions still need to wait.

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