Every Android 11 R Feature We Know So Far In 2019

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Android 10 works and works on more smartphones than last year’s pie results. But as usual news and rumors have emerged for the next big Android version (Android R or Android 11, as Google calls it).

If everything goes normal, we can expect the first beta for Android R in March. At present, only a few Android R features are known that may or may not reach the final version in the second half of 2020.

However, as our knowledge base grows, we will continue to expand this list of Android 11 features in the coming months.

Android 11 R Features – All That I Know So Far

1. Your phone will work as Driver’s License

How many times have we noticed that we only forget about the driver’s license at home when a cop knocks on a window? Google and Qualcomm work together on features that allow users to store SIM or other digital IDs on their smartphones. Data is protected with the Android Credential Identity API.

However, the Android R feature is only supported on the recently announced SnapCagon 865 SoC. We hope (and of course) that we will see more when it becomes a reality.

Such applications already exist, for example, in the government of DigiWallet India, which takes all your documents in a few simple steps. However, Google and Qualcomm, which provide hardware security, must make it safer.

2. Bluetooth remains in airplane mode

Another change that Google can do is Android R. When Airplane mode is active, the Bluetooth radio will not turn off. it was discovered by XDA in a new AOSP engagement called Contextually Aware Bluetooth Airplane Mode.

This can be very useful for hearing aid users or people who find themselves wearing a Bluetooth headset if they accidentally disconnect. If you want to disable it, you can definitely do it manually, or Google can set the feature as optional.

So this is a lot of changes and features related to the upcoming Android R. This time we don’t need to brainstorm for the name Android R because Google officially dropped the naming scheme for dessert and it’s called Android 11.

that’s all that we know about android 11 But stay tuned for more updates on Android R features

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