FPT Edu suspects data theft by hackers

by nativetechdoctor
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An account on Telegram has shared a public download link on the messaging platform, stating that this is the data obtained from the website of FPT Education (FPT Edu).

This account shares acquired data related to some of FPT’s subsidiaries and the data is obtained through the website of a member unit of FPT education.

A security expert said that with the obtained data, hackers fully exploited the use of web messaging function to send messages to students to conduct online scams

CFPT’s representative said that he had recorded this information and re-checked the system. Currently, the Telegram account also no longer exists on the network.

Regarding the issue of publicly shared data on the network, the Information Security Administration (Ministry of Information and Communications) has issued a warning that users are likely to be infected when downloading files of unknown origin from the internet. infected with pre-installed malicious code and quickly spread to other devices. As a result, information on the user’s computer can be appropriated, encrypted, deleted, or worse, used to attack other computers and systems…

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users as well as businesses, especially for personal information, the Information Security Administration recommends that organizations and companies need to strengthen the implementation of management measures and techniques. techniques to ensure information security for information systems serving internal operations as well as providing online services to users. Actively review the weaknesses and holes in the information system; monitoring, monitoring, early detection of risks and signs of network attacks, promptly handling arising problems

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