Gmail will soon let AI write your emails for you on Android

by nativetechdoctor
2 minutes read

Gmail continuously pushes the envelope of innovation to improve the efficiency and smoothness of emailing for its users. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), one of the newest developments in the works is the capacity to create emails with voice commands. With this feature, sending emails will be revolutionized and users will be able to express their ideas clearly and concisely without having to worry about writing mechanics. With this function, users can simply communicate their thoughts, and the AI will translate them into polished emails, making the process of communication even more natural and intuitive.

This innovative tool, discovered by TheSpAndroid, allows users to speak out the elements of their email, such as the recipient, subject, and body of the message, instead of typing them out. The artificial intelligence in the Gmail app will then create a draft email based on the user’s voice commands, giving users more flexibility and convenience when composing emails on their Android devices. With this feature, users can now multitask and compose emails hands-free, making emailing more natural and intuitive than ever before.

This feature is similar to the voice typing feature available on some keyboard apps, but it is more advanced and smarter because it uses AI to understand the context and intent of the user’s speech. It will therefore aim to facilitate and above all speed up the writing of emails because users will no longer need to type on their keyboard or worry about spelling or grammar mistakes.

This feature could therefore be a game-changer for Gmail users by making sending emails more convenient and natural, especially for those who prefer speaking rather than writing. It could also be useful to users who have accessibility issues or find themselves in situations where typing is not possible or practical.

The feature is currently hidden in the Gmail app and can be enabled using certain flags, meaning it’s ready for release soon. However, this is still in development and we do not know exactly when Google will launch it for all users.

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